Schoeller Textil has won the Design Preis Schweiz 2017/18 in the textile category for its heated E-soft-shell. The award was announced in Langenthal, Switzerland on Nov. 3. According to Schoeller's description, E-soft-shell is an electrically heated fabric which can be cut to size without affecting the embedded technology. This technology is said to be primarily suitable for clothing for outdoor activities and motorcycling. Applications in the fashion or wellness industries could also come into consideration, the company said. E-soft-shell is a laminate consisting of bi-elastic tissue, machined lining and a corkshell coating. The heating technology, which is integrated with the fabric in a diamond-shaped geometrical pattern, is based on metallic yarns, making it possible for the material to be evenly heated at standard voltages. The evaluation criteria for the prize included technologies, material combinations and innovation, among others.