In a new partnership in the U.S., Spot, a global provider of satellite messaging and emergency notification technology and a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly traded (NYSE) satellite communications company, Globalstar, will provide the latest Spot Gen 4 with up to 6 months of service to Battlbox Pro subscribers. Battlbox is an American survival box subscription service that provides customers with the latest outdoor and survival gear each month. With the Gen 4, Spot hopes to better resonate with backcountry winter sports enthusiasts, especially as the pandemic sees more and more people taking trips in less developed regions of the U.S. To date, nearly 7,500 rescues have been attributed to Spot satellite technology, with nearly 6,000 rescues in the hiking and winter sports category alone. Spot provides satellite coverage that includes Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, northern and southern Africa, parts of South America and northeast Asia, and hundreds of thousands of nautical miles offshore.

The Spot Gen 4 one-way satellite emergency messenger was introduced in Europe last fall and costs about €170. It also requires a data and service contract that starts at €14 per month.