Starting with its entire collection for autumn/winter 2013-14, Icebreaker will introduce a completely new fit and grading system. The merino specialty brand from New Zealand intends to reach out to new customers and to react to the fact that body sizes have changed over the years. To meet these requirements, Icebreaker teamed up with Alvanon, a company that specializes in fittings, which provided the latest global fit data. As a result, the project resulted in new fittings for maximum ease of movement and best possible lengths and widths, and should put an end to bunching under the arms. The new size charts and fit blocks apply to all types of layers that the brand markets, including underwear and mid- and outer layers, which should now form one single garment. The new system distinguishes between three fits: “slim,” “regular” and “relaxed.” Extensive testing with groups of women and men showed that the new system allows the brand to reach more customers in the full spectrum of sizes.