Sympatex will present two new technological developments at Ispo 2016. Moisture-tech Apparel is a textile designed for moisture management and optimal body climate for changes between high-demand activities and resting phases, suitable for outdoor activities in all seasons. The functional textile layer next to the skin uses the push-pull principle. Moisture is wicked away from the surface of the skin to the inside of the layer by a vertical suction effect. The hydrophilic membrane is also activated by moisture and ensures increased water vapor passage. This activation supports dynamic breathability. The more the body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can lead outwards. The suction effect towards the outside prevents the moisture from being brought back to the inside and the wearer's skin remains dry. Also at Ispo, Sympatex will present “Climate Technology Seamless.” Based on Sympatex' outer fabric “Climate Technology,” the company is now offering laminated knitted legs that are said to be 100 percent waterproof and windproof while ensuring optimal breathability through the Sympatex membrane. The leg is seamless and is only taped with one seam at the heel. The material mix of the fully-recyclable “guaranteed green” Sympatex membrane and the hydrophobic knitted outer material are said to make the product suitable for any season. The customer can choose among a wide range of colors and knitting patterns.