Textileworld reports that Teijin Group’s fiber and product processing company, Teijin Frontier Co. Ltd., has developed technology to mass-produce a new version of its Nanofront ultrafine polyester, said to be the world’s first nanofiber made from recycled polyester. While demand for recycled raw materials is growing rapidly, it has been difficult to mass-produce ultrafine fibers from recycled polyester to this date. The new Nanofront filament is produced using a “sea-island” composite-fiber processing technology.

The company forecasts that sales of recycled polyester Nanofront will reach ¥300 million (€2.30m-$2.75m) in fiscal 2021 and ¥800 million (€6.13m-$7.33m) in fiscal 2025. The new technology is expected to enable Teijin to manufacture all its polyester fiber products with recycled raw materials in a future step.