Toray presented a new waterproof layer, the Toray 3D Technology, offering higher breathability compared to standard three-layer laminates, at the OutDoor show. The Japanese company produces fabrics from yarn to garment. For the first time, Toray presented a key reference, a transformation jacket made of plant-based nylon, a Toray membrane and the new 3D technology on the inside of the jacket. Toray received the Gold Award at the OutDoor show for its plant-based polyester yarn, “ecodear,” which is made exclusively from renewable raw materials. The Japanese company is ready to market plant-based polyester using treacle, a by-product of sugar production. The first bulk production with the new material will start from 2020 and Toray is currently in talks with seven outdoor brands about using the new material in their production processes. The new ecodear plant-based polyester can be used for garments, bottles and packaging. The polymer is chemically identical to existing polyester made from crude oil and can be used for all functions and applications. Toray has subsidiaries in Germany and in the Czech Republic and employs 40,000 people worldwide.