Angela Rux has stepped down as managing director at Globetrotter at the beginning of March, but she was appointed to handle the German outdoor retailer's finance, controlling, human resources and administration as an authorized representative. The change comes after Fenix Outdoor International, the Swedish-based outdoor retailer and brand owner, became Globetrotter's full owner in June 2015. Rux is thus reporting directly to Thomas Lindberg, the Fenix group's chief financial officer. Rux has been at Globetrotter since 1986 and she became one of its managing directors in March 2012, in charge of finance, controlling and human relations. Thomas Lipke, one of Globetrotter's other former managing directors, decided to leave the company at the end of last year. He was succeeded by Henrik Hoffman, the longtime managing director of Naturkompaniet, the Swedish outdoor retailer owned by the Fenix group, along with Partioaitta in Finland. Lipke previously relinquished his job in September as chief operating officer of Frilufts Retail Europe, the company owned by Fenix that encompasses Globetrotter Ausrüstung, Naturkompaniet and Partioaitta. Andreas Bartmann is the only one of the four former managing directors at Globetrotter who remains on the management board. Philip von Melle, former managing director in charge of IT, logistics and online sales, left the company last summer.