Canada Goose's new flagship in London was hit by burglars on Nov. 14, just days after its opening. According to reports, a ten-people gang used scooters to smash into the store's glass door. The thieves threatened a night security guard with a hammer and then managed to run away with coats worth thousands of pounds. A nearby Apple store underwent a similar raid just 24 hours earlier, in which burglars also used scooters to smash through the shop front. The Apple store is across the road. From June 2016 to 2017, there were 16,158 crimes in London involving powered-two-wheel vehicles as compared to 5,145 in 2016, as reported by the BBC. Canada Goose's 5,000-square-foot shop on 244 Regent Street was inaugurated in early November. It is the first European flagship store of the Canadian brand.