Holubar Mountaineering opened its first mono-brand flagship store in New York City that is also home to the brand’s executive offices and an in-house showroom. The brand said it plans to open five new stores in the next two years in North America and Europe each.

Holubar started informally in 1946 in Boulder, Colorado, selling army surplus items to outdoor enthusiasts in the area, before Alice and LeRoy Holubar bought a business license and started operations as Holubar Mountaineering in 1947. The brands claims to be he originator of the Mountain Parka, one of the most popular garments ever in North America after the 1950s. After becoming a popular outwear brand in America, Holubar went international in 2010 focusing on premium quality outdoor clothing for every-day use. The brand’s products are currently distributed through 500 stores in Europe, Asia and North-America.