Regarded as a local institution, Sport Münzinger, the oldest sporting goods store in Munich, will close its doors at the end of this year. In 1892, the then family-owned company led by Hermann Münzinger became an official supplier of “rubber and sporting goods” to the royal court of Bavaria and in 1904 moved into the premises of the newly built city hall on Marienplatz in the very heart of Munich, where it is still located today. The store was taken over in 2003 by another family-owned retailer located nearby, Sport Schuster, which renovated Sport Münzinger in 2012, turning it into Germany’s biggest store for football products at the time, with a surface of 630 square meters. To date, the store is also offering a good selection of streetwear and urban outdoor products.

Sport Schuster justified the shutdown of Sport Münzinger with the cancellation of the Euro 2020 tournament, a big drop in the number of tourists and fans due to the corona crisis and new possibilities for the expansion of its neighboring flagship store on Rosenstraße, whose surface was already enlarged to 5,000 m² in 2018. According to local media reports, it is not yet known what will happen to the retail space that will become available in Munich’s city hall building. According to a city spokesperson, however, part of Sport Münzinger’s business is said to move to the expanded premises at Sport Schuster. A large part of the staff will also be employed by Schuster.