Trerè Innovation, the big Italian knitwear manufacturer that works with Armani and Rossignol, continues to expand internationally. This January, right after opening its first store under the new UYN (Unleash Your Nature) brand in Paris, Trerè created a subsidiary in Moscow called Trè Rus. Five employees are already working there. Together with Jiro, a partner in Japan, Trerè Innovation opened a new store under its UYN brand in Tokyo in December last year. The company is building a new research center at its headquarters in Asola. Called Areas – an acronym for Academy Research and Engineering for Apparel in Sports – the center is the result of a partnership with CeRiSM, the research institute for sports and health at the University of Verona. The new products that the center has already developed were presented as part of a micro-version of the Areas laboratory at this year's Ispo Munich show. Besides the UYN line of baselayers, which will be expanded to other products in the future, Trerè's UYN stores will feature products that the company produces at the Areas lab for other brands, including Canada Goose, Giorgio Armani, Luna Rossa and Rossignol.