Vaude opened a new flagship store in Guangzhou, China last May. The store, covering 600 m², is one of the largest mono-brand outdoor stores in China. It will serve as a prototype for other retail stores of Vaude. Another 30-50 mono-brand retail spaces are planned in China for 2013 with Vaude's Chinese partner Kailas, one of the country's leading brands, which acts as a licensee as well as a distributor of Vaude there. Kailas' headquarters are also in Guangzhou. The facade of the new flagship store is made of wooden planks taken from an old ship, rear panels and displays are made of untreated ash wood and real plants are to be found in the sales space. The company's sixth Asia-Pacific sales meeting in China was held in the newly established premises in May, hosting representatives from 11 Asian countries. In the framework of the company's store concept expansion, Vaude recently opened a store also in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.