Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a durable waterproof treatment called Kudos XT. The Japanese chemicals company claims that the new treatment delivers higher levels of durability for both abrasion and machine washing. Kudos XT also solves the problem that conventional durable water repellents (DWRs) decompose over time and the outer layer of the garment becomes soaked. While DWR treatments have improved over time, consumers objected to the new levels of toxicity, culminating with C8 DWR, which has already been banned in several markets. Developed in accordance with Toray’s Green Innovation Business Expansion Project, Kudos XT is available in a PFC-free version as well as C6, a level far less toxic than C8. Both versions prevent an outer layer from soaking, even under heavy rain conditions. Both have also excelled under real-world testing for both rain and abrasion resistance: after 50 wash cycles, Kudos XT maintains over 80 points in the JIS L 1092 Bundesmann rain test; after 100 wash cycles, it exceeds 80 points in the JIS L 1092 spray test.