Berghaus has launched the “Get Out Game,” an initiative to get people outside during the weekend that follows “Black Friday.” The outdoor brand will not be discounting its products on Black Friday, which falls this year on Nov. 25. Instead, it will hand out 1,000 prizes that can only be claimed by visiting one of four outdoor locations in England, Scotland and Wales on Saturday, Nov. 26.  Berghaus crews will be hiding objects in the four locations across the U.K. by planting flags for people to discover until sunset on Nov. 26. The challenge is to find the flag and earn the reward. The company will send a final clue that describes the location of a flag at the four destinations on Friday. The first customers to find the flags will receive one of the 1,000 prizes. The gifts will include Extrem gear, for the first to find the flag, as well as t-shirts, hats and gloves. Berghaus said the initiative is meant to offer customers a healthier alternative to the online bargain hunting that characterizes Black Friday.