The IT department of the Hohenstein Institute held a presentation ceremony on April 28 at Schloss Hohenstein in Bönnigheim to celebrate its recent IT Excellence Benchmark (ITEB) award, which was announced in February at the Hamburg IT Strategy Days. The recognition is given by the Technical University of Munich (TU) and CIO Magazine based on the results of an internal questionnaire circulated in selected companies in which the customers of IT departments are asked to assess the level of service delivered by their IT colleagues. In 2013, the average score across the 20 companies in the survey was 2.65, on a scale from one (very satisfied) to five (dissatisfied). This has been virtually unchanged since 2007. In 2013, the Hohenstein Institute achieved the highest mark ever, at 2.27. The Institute attributed the result to the development of its own ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), which offers precise knowledge of the working processes of the various departments and allows the IT staff to meet people's needs, at both headquarters and branch offices. The Hohenstein Institute, based in Boennigheim, Germany, has branch offices in more than 40 countries around the world. The most satisfied IT users of all at the Institute this year were based in India.