Due to the absence of relevant trade shows in the wake of the latest pandemic-related cancellations, Taiwantrade.com is currently hosting 3D virtual pavilions for hosiery and optical products, showcasing sustainable hosiery and exclusive models and collections of high-performance sports eyewear.

The Taiwantrade 3D Optical Virtual Pavilion will showcase innovative sports eyewear from Taiwanese suppliers such as Bo Shown, Hsin Jiang Optical, TSF, Parkson, Jerlson International, GrandLin, 720 International and Tradtive and can be accessed at optical.taiwantrade.com.

The Taiwantrade 3D Hosiery Virtual Pavilion at hosiery.taiwantrade.com features more than 80 eco-friendly socks, towels and sustainable sports textiles from Taiwanese suppliers, including Char Wie, HeroProtector, Toptowel, Danken, Life towel, Paultex and Sanhofang, which organizers say should also be of exceptional interest to outdoor customers.