Wintersteiger – the Austrian provider of machines for ski repair and maintenance, software for ski rental, and equipment and furnishings for ski shops – is acquiring a 51 percent stake in another Austrian company, Steurer. Founded in 1963, it generated a turnover of €8.3 million last year. Steurer’s ski lockers and other products will henceforth be sold under the Wintersteiger brand, but its 40 employees in the city of Altach will continue producing and installing them. Steurer’s chief executive, Andreas Seidl, will remain aboard as managing partner alongside Wintersteiger’s head of business for field sports, Daniel Steininger. According to a press release, the acquisition is intended to bolster Wintersteiger as a provider of turnkey packages. The company acquired a German start-up, Kenomyx Data Solutions, in late January and a majority stake in a field trials company, Trial Equipment of the U.K., last April. As previously reported, Wintersteiger enjoyed a 14 percent rise in revenues in 2019 and is seeking now, during the pandemic, to turn its “high equity ratio and low debt levels” to advantage. Its chief financial officer, Harold Kostka, said last month that, while not looking to make major acquisitions, Wintersteiger would still “seek out and buy” smaller, complementary companies with about €10 million in annual revenues.

Photo: Harold Kostka, Andreas Seidl, Daniel Steininger and Dr. Florestan von Boxberg, © Wintersteiger