U.S. outdoor brands Cotopaxi and MiiR have partnered to not only address the disposable plastics crisis, but also to reinvent corporate expectations of “collaboration before competition”. The brands, both B-Corp certified, have joined forces to launch a new line of water bottles called the Cotopaxi x MiiR Llama water bottle collection that is meant to help eliminate disposable plastics. The project will also establish ongoing grants to Water1st, an organization that promotes economic equity and health by providing communities in Guatemala with access to house taps and clean water. 


The collaboration between the two brands in the development of the Cotopaxi x MiiR water bottle is based on their shared values and mission. Cotopaxi allocates 1 percent of its revenues to poverty reduction and community development support and has already awarded 42 grants in six focus countries. In addition, the brand has donated over $400,000 to Covid-19 aid programs this year. MiiR is Climate Neutral certified and awards grants to promote access to clean water, protect the environment and empower communities, which has already helped more than 115,000 people worldwide.