Buff, the Spanish brand of woolen headwear, sleeves, gloves and other warming accessories, has implemented a sustainability plan. The Protect More program, which itself exists within an umbrella program called Do More Now, aims to reduce the environmental effects of all the brand's production. Most of the R&D department's efforts have gone into materials. On the one hand, Buff has sought to continue using merino wool, which the brand calls a “functional miracle” for its ability to breathe while controlling humidity and remaining dry on the surface. Buff says it takes pains to obtain its wool exclusively from suppliers that care properly for their sheep. On the other hand, Buff has sought to increase the content of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, in its synthetic fibers. At present, that content stands at 80 percent. The alternative would be to use artificial polyester, which would require great quantities of water, chemicals and fossil fuels to produce. According to Buff, fibers made with PET require 33 to 53 percent less energy to produce, and PET itself can withstand repeated recycling with no loss of quality. The Buff brand is owned by Original Buff, an apparel company founded in 1992 in the Spanish town of Igualada, where it still maintains its headquarters and produces 90 percent of its products.