Downlite and Nikwax have teamed up to introduce fluorocarbon-free Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) to outdoor apparel and sleeping bag manufacturers. Under this arrangement, Downlite will market and sell NHD-treated down to Nikwax-approved outerwear and sleeping bag brands. Downlite will apply the NHD treatment to its down in the cleaning process before it is shipped to manufacturers for finished goods production. Therm-a-Rest will introduce NHD in its spring 2015 line of sleeping bags. According to third-party laboratory reports, products made with NHD absorb substantially less water and retain more loft than other fluorocarbon-free treatments on the market. NHD also features improved drying times and is said to withstand repeat washing. Additionally, no extra weight is added to NHD-treated down.