Icebreaker is working on a water-soluble bio bag that would act as a food source if eaten by a sea creature before decomposing, the New Zealand outdoor company announced as part of its investments in sustainability. As previously reported, Icebreaker has published a Transparency Report that is available on its website and should be updated annually. The report contains a complete list of Icebreaker's suppliers and growers as well as the code of conduct of its supply chain, the relationships between various parts of the supply chain, and Icebreaker's Merino wool grower accreditation program. Along with the previously reported details on the composition of its products, with more than 85 percent of raw materials based on natural fibers, the company emphasizes that it cultivates long-term partnerships. About 65 percent of its production volume is led by partners with whom Icebreaker has been working for 13 years or longer. Icebreaker, which was taken over by VF Corp. earlier this year, currently works with 40 suppliers in 59 factories, connecting more than 50,000 workers across 15 countries. Only 10 percent of the company's products are shipped by air, while 70 percent are shipped by sea.