As part of its “Together we can help” initiative, the footwear brand Keen pledged to provide up to 100,000 pairs, about $10,000,000 in shoes, to the workers on the front lines and the families at home fighting through the Covid-19 crisis. On the website, the brand wrote: “Whether these shoes help a worker stay comfortable during a long shift or simply allow people to get outside to breathe in the benefits of nature while safely practicing social distancing, we feel compelled to share our strengths for the common good.” The website provides a link to a simple form where anyone can nominate an individual involved in front-line pandemic work or an entire family in need of shoes by filling in a few details and clicking a button. The program is available on all language versions of the Keen website but states that due to delivery restrictions in Austria, France, Italy and Spain, the brand is unable to accept COVID-19 free shoe requests via the online form. Customers are asked to contact Keen directly at to be assisted with a free shoe request for any beneficiary living in these countries.