Klean Kanteen, a family and employee-owned business from Chico, California, has been certified by Climate Neutral to have a carbon-neutral footprint. Through an independent and rigorous certification program, Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization, verifies that a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for its total greenhouse gas footprint through a combination of emission reductions and offsets.

Klean Kanteen claims that is has always been committed to social and environmental transparency and working since 2009 to measure and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Since 2008, Klean has donated over $3 million to environmental organizations working towards positive change through 1% for the Planet, and it has become a Certified B Corporation in 2012.

Currently, raw material production, manufacturing and transportation are the largest sources of emissions for Klean Kanteen. To reduce its footprint by 2020, the company is implementing an action plan to reduce emissions within its own operations and supply chain. Efforts include a commitment from factory partners to increase the use of renewable energy, reducing packaging material consumption and increasing the proportion of recycled packaging content.

In addition to reducing emissions, Klean Kanteen has offset its total carbon footprint for 2019 using verified carbon credits. All offset investments meet the criteria for quality offsets, including real, permanent, quantifiable, verifiable, enforceable, additional and verified by an independent third party. All Klean Kanteen products will, from now on, carry a certified carbon neutral logo to enable socially conscious purchasing.