Lafuma has launched the Outdoor Sentinels, a new community of outdoor enthusiasts to help in the preservation of the environment. The mission of the Outdoor Sentinels will be to share their outdoor experiences on social networks in order to inspire conservation action, with a special focus on garbage collection. Applications to become an Outdoor Sentinel can be sent to until April 20. The Outdoor Sentinels will be required to produce a minimum of three sets of three photos each for Instagram, two Instagram stories, and one post for the blog or on Facebook, during the year. The initiative, which follows Lafuma's organization of the Operation Sustainable Mountain in Chamonix over the past ten years, is meant to encourage its community of outdoor enthusiasts to act even more locally, the company said. The Outdoor Sentinels will receive a welcome kit including Lafuma products as well as an invitation to participate in the upcoming Operation Sustainable Mountain in Chamonix, scheduled for September.