Moncler has pledged to make its factories carbon neutral by next year and to be using nothing but renewable energy by 2023. The Italian luxury sportswear company will be recycling certified DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) down, and thereby cutting its related water needs by 70 percent, as of January. (The company says the down in its signature coats has been DIST-certified since 2015.) Moreover, it will be using no single-use plastic, tracing all “key raw materials,” and recycling at least 80% of its nylon scrap by 2023. By 2025 half of its nylon will be sustainable and 80 percent of its suppliers should meet “the highest grades of Moncler’s social compliance standard.” The company has pledged in addition to compel all employees to volunteer for social programs by 2022, protect 100,000 people from the cold by 2023 and undertake one “high social value project” every two years.