Source: Sherpa Adventure Gear

Sherpa Adventure Gear’s teams in England and Germany are receiving dramatic reports from the brand’s home country, Nepal. Medical care in the developing country is already at a very modest level under “normal” circumstances, now it is catastrophic, according to the news. While the international community is currently helping India in particular with donations, ventilators and oxygen in the Covid-19 crisis, Nepal is not on the radar of international reporting and aid programs, according to representatives of Sherpa Adventure Gear. Many Nepalese are working in neighboring India and are now flocking back to their homeland, both because they see no chance of treatment in India and because they want to escape the pandemic. With their return home, they naturally carry the virus to Nepal. First to the capital Kathmandu, where most arrive, and then on to their often remote home villages.

According to Tashi Delek, a Nepalese man who runs a business in Germany and is a Sherpa client, his home country is facing a humanitarian crisis. “Every second person tested is Covid positive. A total of one-third of the population has Covid. There is a major shortage of vaccines, test kits, medical equipment [such as oxygen cylinders] and emergency medicine, in particular, to at least provide health facilities with the essentials to treat patients. Nepal needs immediate relief.” He said the non-profit organization EcoHimal Nepal is ready to coordinate aid on the ground, especially in the remote Lower Solukhumbu region, but donations as well as medical equipment are needed. “I sincerely ask you to donate to the association Aktion Solukhumbu Nepalhilfe e.V. under the keyword Corona-Hilfe Nepal,” Delek’s appeal to the German population reads. Internationally, donations can be made through EcoHimal’s website.