Nikwax and Páramo, the U.K. brand of functional outerwear, presented the results of their exclusive partnership: a collection of rainwear which is entirely free of PFC. The Páramo collection features Nikwax' Analogy System which is said to be completely PFC-free. In regard to competing solutions suggested by leading outdoor apparel brands, Nick wax emphasized that such an eco-friendly technology is available now, not in the distant future. Páramo feels that visionary sustainability needs to be pushed notably in Europe's larger key markets. The company has, therefore, decided to start selling into the German market even though it still has no distribution there. Instead, the brand is sold directly to consumers through the Internet. Páramo positions itself not only through its ecological responsibility, but also by social commitment. The entire collection is crafted in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. The garments are made by women to support them to escape from prostitution.