Osprey Europe has announced a partnership with a U.K.-based conservation group, Birds of Pool Harbour (BOPH), to help raise awareness of the need to preserve ospreys from extinction. The osprey is a bird that was becoming an endangered species in California when Mike Pfotenhauer founded Osprey Packs. He gave the company the bird's name in the hope that it would also survive. Osprey Europe is based in Poole, and BPH is carrying out an osprey translocation project in and around Poole Harbour as part of an effort to restore the local breeding population in the U.K. and France. Osprey will tell the story to its international customer base. As it turns out, ospreys have formed a generally healthy population in Northern Europe, but the species is absent or sparse in the southern half of the continent. Two years ago, the Council of Europe launched a program for the recovery and conservation of ospreys in Europe, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region.