Pacsafe has announced that this year's project through the newly-launched Pacsafe Turtle Fund will support the Latin American Sea Turtles (Last) initiative in Costa Rica, in conjunction with EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association), a non-profit organization which raises funds from the outdoor industry for nature conservation projects worldwide. Pacsafe, which has a turtle on its logo, launched the Pacsafe Turtle Fund last May with the aim of donating funds annually to projects around the world that conserve the most endangered turtle species on the Iucn (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list. The project with Last, a conservation group known for its comprehensive community-based program, concerns an important nesting site for leatherback and green turtles, and occasionally rare hawksbill turtles. It will include nest monitoring and protection, turtle tagging, habitat restoration, beach clean ups, running a rescue center and hatchery, and increasing community awareness and involvement through educational materials and school seminars. Pacsafe currently selects one project per year to fund. Applications for 2015 funding will run from Aug. 1 to Aug. 31.