In its latest sustainability report, Swedish brand Peak Performance is setting future goals and giving an overview on the projects and improvements in 2020. Setting priorities in health, circularity, climate action and partnerships, Peak Performance aims for:

  • 100 percent sustainable materials by 2030
  • Full supply chain transparency for every product as of 2030
  • CO2 reduction by 2030: 50 percent
  • Net Zero goal by: 2050
  • 30 percent recyclability of products by 2023, 100 percent by 2030

The Amer Sports brand is managed by brand president Sara Molnar and counting 65 percent female colleagues among the total 521 directly employed, with a 50/50 gender split in management. There has been a material strategy drawn up to define the main objectives: In 2020, the Stockholm-based brand replaced 56 percent of physical samples by virtual 3D samples. 54 percent of all fibers now in use for the collections are more sustainable than virgin and conventional choices. 84 percent of products feature at least one of the sustainability criteria defined.

Peak Performance has also completed the Higg Index brand & retail module and improved its overall performance.