Pertex, the specialist in lightweight technical fabrics for the outdoor industry, has announced it is expanding its PFC-free offering. Following significant research, the brand is now offering an extensive range of non-PFC durable water repellent (DWR) fabrics with performance features which are said to be similar to conventional DWR finished fabrics. According to Pertex, long-chain (C8) PFC chemistry has been completely eliminated from its products thanks to the use of a short-chain (C6) alternative that is less harmful to the environment. The company acknowledged that there are still barriers to overcome before making a complete move away from PFC-based DWR fabrics. In particular, a major unresolved issue is that dirt and stain repellency of non-PFC DWR finished fabrics remains less effective than that of conventional PFC-based DWR fabrics. The company said it will continue to work to overcome this issue.