Primaloft has introduced what it claims is the first synthetic insulation made from 100 percent recycled, biodegradable fibers. Thanks to a proprietary technology, Primaloft Bio fibers have reached near complete biodegradation in 394 days, a highly accelerated rate compared with the negligible degradation observed in standard polyester under the same conditions, the company explained. The technology is said not to affect the performance characteristics of the insulation, leaving the look or feel of the garment unchanged. The new fabric technology is expected to be available to consumers in autumn 2020. The company said in a release that the new Primaloft Bio, developed over the last four years by its team of scientists and engineers, has the potential to transform the supply chains of the outdoor and fashion/lifestyle industries. Primaloft Bio is part of the company's wider sustainability commitment. By 2020, 90 percent of Primaloft insulation products will have at least 50 percent post-consumer recycled content.