Satra, the U.K.-based technology center for research and development in the footwear sector, has recently standardized a test procedure developed by OutDry, marketer of waterproof breathable laminates for gloves and footwear. The test procedure is used in order to check the impermeability of shoes. The testing method of Satra, TM 444, allows shoe manufacturers to test their products in terms of impermeability in ten minutes, instead of up to 72 hours when using the former Flex Test. The impermeability can be checked very quickly through the insoles of the shoes are equipped with an indicator paper. Water is pressurized through the use of a centrifuge, exposes the efficiency of the waterproof material straight away. More than 1,700 companies consult Satra when testing their products for impermeability, erosion, security, longevity and robustness.