As an ecological alternative among textile function specialists, ingredient brand Sympatex is now supporting the sustainable initiative of eBay and Vaude with high-quality functional materials.

Sewing and crafting enthusiasts can bid for sustainable Sympatex functional materials on the online marketplace in addition to high-quality material scraps from the Vaude manufactory. Interested buyers have the opportunity to bid for prepared packages of a wide range of Sympatex functional fabrics in various color groups. The materials come from high-quality Sympatex production remnants.

The Upcycling Store initiated by eBay and Vaude was launched in March 2020 in the spirit of resource conservation and value-preserving recycling of surplus fabrics and is enjoying great popularity. All proceeds are donated to the non-profit organization Save the Children e.V.

Antje von Dewitz, CEO Vaude, said: “Sympatex has been a good partner of ours for decades, with whom we have implemented many innovative ideas. We are pleased that we can now also offer high-quality, waterproof laminate fabrics in our upcycling store, thus enabling us to contribute to resource conservation. Functional textile production is very costly, so we should not waste one meter of fabric unnecessarily. I am sure that our customers will have very creative ideas for new applications. Re-think, re-cycle, up-cycle!”