Cake, the Swedish manufacturer of light electric high-performance motorcycles and a member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), today announced the hiring of three new executives at its headquarters in Stockholm. Per Werin joins the company as chief operating officer. He previously served as chief marketing officer and managing director at NorthStar, a global leader in reliable and sustainable energy solutions. Pontus Winberg is the new chief marketing officer. Prior to joining Cake, Winberg held the position of chief executive officer at GodEl, Sweden’s most sustainable network operator. Finally, John Aspemar, the new chief financial officer, joins Cake from Klarna, an online financial services company based in Stockholm. Cake announced that it will continue to expand its team over the coming months.

“We now have a broad, competent, and very experienced team in place at the highest levels of management that will help Cake to realize many of the ambitions we have in our operations, marketing, sales, and financial divisions,” said company founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn. With the empowerment of the new executives, the company will be able to make the next major leap towards “global leadership and 200K+ units sold annually in the premium segment of electric motorcycles.”

Photo: Per Werin - John Aspemar - Stefan Ytterborn - Pontus Winberg © Cake