In the last issue, we said that Salewa's sales of footwear were higher in China than in Europe. That is, of course, not correct. We were trying to say that footwear has a higher share of the company's total sales in China than the share it has in Europe. That makes a difference, and we apologize for the mistake. Globally, the annual sales of Salewa's footwear have reached some €30 million, a figure which includes not only the outdoor footwear labeled Salewa, but also the Dynafit brand of ski-touring boots. Over the past three years, the footwear division managed to increase its sales by 50 percent on average. While Salewa-branded shoes doubled their sales last year, Dynafit improved by 30 percent. The group estimates that it now has a global market share of 40 percent in the specialty segment of ski-touring boots. By region, the most important markets for both footwear brands are Germany, Austria and Italy with approximately 15 percent each, followed by France and North America with 10 percent each.