La Sportiva has been awarded the 2018 OMI prize, which is given every two years in Italy to the best corporate monograph. OMI is the acronym of the Italian Observatory for the Study and Conservation of Institutional Corporate Monographs. Institutional monographs are documents, typically books, which tell the story of a company from the moment it enters the social fabric to become an institution. These documents are not just a corporate communication device but also an important tool for the validation of a company's history and reputation. La Sportiva's 192-page book was selected among 57 competing corporate documents for its creative approach to the theme of corporate heritage. The book features stories about famous heroes of outdoor sports, such as Reinhold Messner and Manolo, alongside the stories of historical and current employees of the company and the Delladio family, which is still at the helm of the company 90 years after its founding, in 1928. The prize will be given on Oct. 17 at the University of Verona, where OMI's headquarters and archives are located. The digital version of La Sportiva's book is available at