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The European Outdoor Group (EOG)’s Single Use Plastic Project (SUPP) has published “Poly Bag Standards,” a new document that has been developed with input from manufacturers, brands, retailers, waste intermediaries, recyclers and sustainable packaging specialists. The document is part of efforts to reduce the impacts of single-use plastics throughout the value chain. SUPP considers that the first priority is to remove unnecessary poly bags – “the best possible garment poly bag is no poly bag,” maintains the document. However, where single-use poly bags are still necessary, project partners have developed a set of standards to minimize contaminants and ensure that the maximum value of the material is retained, EOG explains. The new 6-page guideline document, available free of charge, includes advice on material considerations and which attributes to prioritize, as well as a suggested poly bag design made using recycled and recyclable material, which encapsulates the best current application of the standards. This design was originally created by U.K.-based Equip Outdoor Technologies, in collaboration with the SUPP team, packaging producers, brands, retailers and recyclers. The prototype “pillowcase” bag has been tested across several product lines with promising results, according to EOG.