According to Boardsport Source, Patrick Giraudon and Jean Louis Rodrigues, the respective presidents of Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) and Eurosima, in a letter to the French minister of sport, have called for the liberalization of outdoor sports during curfew periods.

If the second lockdown has an impact on the commercial activities of the outdoor and surfing sectors, threatening the companies in these sectors, it also restricts access to nature, the letter said. The “1 km - 1 hour” rule and the attitude of the policy is not only harmful to the economy, but also to the health of all French people, it continue. Reasonable outdoor sports such as running, walking, sailing, horseback riding or cycling are part of the way of life promoted by the OSV and Eurosima.

Boardsport Source sees the letter to the minister as part of a responsible approach to raise the French government’s awareness of the positive role of sport, and especially outdoor activities, in society.