Due to the current coronavirus crisis, Oeko-Tex temporarily adjusted the processes related to the renewal of certificates, thereby reducing the workload for production facilities. For existing and known certificate holders, the responsible institutes will initially renew the certificates Ecopassaport, STeP, Leather Standard and Standard 100 without the necessity of submitting samples. However, the certificate holder has to submit the samples within the next three months. If samples are not submitted, the certification becomes invalid. The service will only be offered to known production sites. The validity date of the renewed certificates is set to the date of the original expiry, including three additional months. In regions particularly affected by the virus, all Oeko-Tex tests are suspended until further notice and they will not start again until the situation has calmed down. New certifications and applications are still possible if a sample is available and has been checked by the responsible institute according to the usual criteria. Institutes that are currently unable to perform lab tests are supported by member institutes of the Oeko-Tex community.