Dr Verity Hardy, EOG sustainability project manager

Source: EOG

Dr. Verity Hardy, EOG sustainability project manager

Dr. Verity Hardy has been appointed sustainability project manager of the European Outdoor Group (EOG). She has joined the team to lead EOG’s new Climate Action Program, which will start to roll out from November. Hardy will work closely with EOG’s sustainability team leader Dr. Katy Stevens, Dr. Jane Turnbull and the rest of the executive and external partners. She is an accomplished and professional technical textile researcher and project manager, with over 14 years’ experience in industry and academia. In a series of roles, she has combined high level theoretical knowledge of textile raw materials, processing and manufacturing techniques, with well-honed textile characterization and analysis skills. Much of her work has focused on making advances in textile materials that benefit and meet the needs of micro-businesses, SMEs, global manufacturers, end users and the environment. Among her previous roles, Hardy worked for Shirley Technologies, Eco Passport, MySTeP and Oeko-Tex®.