Mammut has announced that it is supporting Tom Belz in his plan to climb Kilimanjaro. Belz, a Mammut brand ambassador, has only one leg since he had the other one amputated because of bone cancer when he was 12. Despite his physical impairment, the 31-year-old German is planning to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa, during this month of August, to show that his impairment is not a limit. Belz contracted bone cancer at the age of eight. After the amputation, four years later, he decided to refuse an artificial limb and started living a normal life with one leg and two crutches. In order to prepare for the upcoming challenge, in mid-July Belz climbed the 3,600-meter-high Äusseres Barrhorn in the Swiss Alps, accompanied by a mountain guide from the Mammut Alpine School.