The autumn/winter 2020/21 collection from the Spanish outdoor brand Ternua will reflect three of its sustainability initiatives: Redcycle, Colorcycle and Seacycle. The oldest of these, Redcycle (the name translates to Netcycle), was done with the help of the coastal-fishing fleet of Gipuzkoa province and support from the Basque Country’s government. The boats collected 12 tons of old fishing nets, which the Spanish outdoor brand then reworked into Econyl thread and used to manufacture 11 items for the new collection, including pants for the Protech Series, ski suits for Adrenalite, Bermuda shorts and pants for the Climbing Series, the Upright pant for Trekking, the Ride On Pant for Spirit Outdoors and the Save the Whales backpack. The Nutcycle initiative, which began in 2018 and is now called Colorcycle, has collected 500 kilograms of nutshells from the cider-houses of Gipuzkoa for conversion into natural dyes, with help from Archroma and the local government’s environmental department. This has resulted in six items: two T-shirts, two sweatshirts and pants for the Spirit Outdoors line. This year’s new initiative, Seacycle, is another collaboration with the Basque government, along with Azti-Tecnalia, Eko-Rec and Seaqual. The plastic collected off the Basque Coast by three fishing boats accounts for 30 percent of the plastic in two T-shirts in the Climbing Series and two T-shirts in Spirit Outdoors. The remaining 70 percent comes from waste deposited in Spain’s yellow recycling bins. The autumn/winter 2020 collection is entirely free of PFCs. All of its cotton is organic, and 63 percent of its polyester is recycled from rugs, fishing nets, bottles made of PET plastic, waste plastic from the ocean, down, wool, nutshells and coffee grounds. The collection will make its debut at Ispo 2020. Ternua has been pursuing sustainability since 1994.