Adidas has entered a multi-year partnership with Wanderlust, a producer of lifestyle festival events focusing on yoga, wellness and music. The deal is designed to pair Wanderlust's multi and single-day events with Adidas' latest performance-based products. For 2016, highlights from this partnership include Adidas being a presenting partner of Wanderlust's 108 U.S.-based events. Also, at Wanderlust's four multi-day summer festivals in the U.S., Adidas will present the largest yoga venue as well as the hiking and running programs. In addition, Adidas and Wanderlust will join forces to create a consortium of athlete-influencers who will lead the run and yoga programs at Wanderlust's 108 events and additional programs at the U.S.-based multi-day festivals. Adidas and Wanderlust will launch two media campaigns around select athlete-influencers featuring unique video and editorial content with tools for a peak performance. Wanderlust was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Velour Music Group, C3 Presents and Starr Hill Presents.