Energear, the new textile technology from Schoeller that returns energy radiated by the body back to it, has been tested by the Hohenstein Institute, which confirmed its efficacy. Schoeller says that every living creature emits Far Infrared Rays into the environment. Energear uses a titanium-mineral matrix to reflect these rays back to the body. This process will help enhance performance, prevent premature fatigue, improve regeneration, balance and concentration, and allow for shorter warm-up periods for physical activities. The Hohenstein test found that wearers of an Energear-treated shirt had quicker reaction times to various stimuli. The international horseback rider and trainer Bettina Hoy vouches for the product's efficacy on horses, as well. Energear, developed in 2010, has been available for licensing to be incorporated into textiles since last year. The test report will be available at Hohenstein's booth at Ispo, in Hall B6, Stand 327. Schoeller-Sense is one of the latest fabrics to come from the same company. Schoeller promotes the new fabric as the perfect thing to wear for yoga, Pilates or other exercise, described as soft, flowing and skin-friendly. They hold their shape, unlike jersey or knitwear, making them suitable for outings outside the gym as well, and are touted as being breathable, hydrophilic and easy to care for, washable in 40 degrees Celsius and machine dryable.