Ferrino, the Italian brand of outdoor apparel and gear, has added the Serbian trail runner Jovica Spajic to its international roster of brand ambassadors. Spajic is also involved in martial arts and is a member of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior's special anti-terrorism unit. As a survivalist, he has trained for harsh environments as well as in mountaineering, free climbing and parachuting. As an athlete, he has taken part in such endurance races as the IAU Ultramarathon, the Icarus Florida Ultra Fest, Badwater, the Atene World Trophy, the Himalaya Ultra, the Jungle Marathon, Namibia 2017 and the Endurance Run Moab. This January, he was victorious at Arrowhead 135, a grueling race in Minnesota. By then he was already dressing in the Ferrino Lynx 30, carrying a Ferrino Radical 80+10 backpack and sleeping in a Ferrino Diable 1200 sleeping bag.