Hi-Tec Sports is supporting Alexandre Poussin and his family as they make a 16-month trek by foot through Madagascar. The travel writer and his family are using Hi-Tec's latest lightweight hiking range to make the 2,500km journey and are publicly sharing their experience on a dedicated Hi-Tec microsite at www.hi-tec.com/gl/madatrek/, where viewers can experience the trip via photos, stories and videos alongside them. In 2001, Alexandre and his wife, Sonia, made a similar trip in Hi-Tec shoes, walking the length of Africa in three years and travelling more than 14,000 kilometers. Following three years of planning, Alexandre and his family left their home in France on May 6 for Ambohipo, Madagascar. From there they walked north, traveling with a zebu and cart for support. Alexandre and Sonia's children, Phylaé, 6, and Ulysse, 9, will receive schooling en route. The Poussins also plan to undertake work with numerous NGOs along the way.