Magnum will be the official supplier of indoor training footwear to the British troops over the next four years. In 2013, its parent company, Hi-Tec Sports UK, secured a contract with the British Ministry of Defence, which led the Magnum U.S.T. outdoor trainer to be given a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) stock number. Magnum has also developed  over the last two years, the XTS14, a cross trainer for intense indoor activities including walking, running, rope work, team & ball games, vaulting, racket sports, weight and circuit training. Both the XTS14 and Magnum U.S.T. are said to be fit-for-purpose trainers and therefore to match the needs of the uniformed wearer. Also in 2013, Hi-Tec Sports UK got a contract to supply heavy duty Magnum combat boots to the Danish Military.