In late May, CMP, a brand of the Italian company Fratelli Campagnolo founded in 2010, launched its new “It’s More” campaign to invite outdoor enthusiasts to reflect on the true meaning of experiences in close contact with nature. After the long months of quarantine, people finally have the opportunity ”to appreciate even more deeply what surrounds us and what we do, rediscovering it again,“ Fabio Campagnolo, the chief executive of the brand said. Thanks to various adaptations, the new campaign with the associated Social Media hashtag #CMPitsMore explores all specific activities and situations for which CMP products are created: from trekking to trail running to cycling, without forgetting the winter season, which will see new ski products. In the upcoming weeks, CMP will publish a short online campaign video. In the final phase of the campaign, the brand will have outdoor enthusiasts speak out about their experiences and emotions after the lockdown.