Haglöfs, the Swedish outdoor company, has developed a graphene-infused mimic insulation for the development and production of trekking products. Graphene is a single-atom-thin layer of carbon that forms a strong, conductive grid. According to the company, the resulting insulation warms faster and retains heat longer, so its volume can be decreased. Inov-8, the British brand of running and fitness shoes acquired by Descente in 2015, pioneered the use of graphene in athletic footwear, introducing the first line of graphene shoes, called the G-Series, in July 2018. Haglöfs will use the new insulation in its V series, including the Mimic, Nordic Mimic, and Roc Mimic product lines. All three are intended for deep trekking into rugged and cold terrain as well as high ascents into the mountains. The technology will be tested in the Arctic by Haglöfs’ brand ambassador, Antti Autti.